R&P Employer Solutions is a family-owned business based in Beaumont, Texas specializing in assisting clients with time-consuming administrative functions.  With increasing competition for clients and employees, it is more important than ever to attract and retain the best talent for your business. At R&P Employer Solutions we offer a complete portfolio of services and benefits to assist you in retaining your staff while reducing administrative headaches for the business owners.  


We give our clients confidence in their payroll process with fast, accurate payroll processing.

We provide our clients with fast, accurate payroll processing which includes direct deposits, paying and remitting 940-941s, end of year filings, W-2’s, child support processing, handling deductions/garnishments, and more!

Small and medium-size companies need to have confidence in their payroll process. R&P guarantees our tax filings and our clients will be comforted knowing their filings are on time, are in compliance, and that they will not ever receive a tax filing penalty.

Get out of the payroll business and get back to things that matter – growing your business!

Additional Services

How it Works

By providing payroll, benefits, HR services and assisting with compliance issues under state and federal law, R&P allows small businesses to improve productivity and save money – allowing management time to focus on their customers and to grow their business.