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We are more than just a payroll company...

R&P Employer Solutions, Inc. is a licensed Professional Employer Organization (PEO) located in Beaumont, Texas that provides a wide-range of HR related services to clients across the state. Business owners tell us they spend from 40 – 60% of their time working on HR related issues. We think management’s time is better spent taking care of their customers and growing their business. As a PEO firm we provide payroll and so much more:

  • become responsible for paying 940 - 941's,
  • provide W-2's
  • post mandatory state and federal posters,
  • keep owners abreast of any new state and federal laws,
  • update employee handbooks and provide safety literature,
  • handle any employee garnishments,
  • process unemployment claims,
  • provide full HR service, and
  • make available a spectrum of benefits for you and your employees based on group rates, i.e., medical insurance, worker’s comp, etc.

As a PEO firm, R&P shares with the business owner the responsibility and liability of having employees. We provide ALL of these services at affordable processing rates which only a licensed PEO can guarantee. We invite you to call us and let us answer any questions you may have about a PEO/Payroll company. Let us demonstrate why we are growing our business year-over-year with a long list of satisfied clients that appreciate our expertise, our locally owned/managed attitude of doing business, our integrity and reliability, our account management skills, and our strong record of saving our clients money.

Payroll Administration: Affordable and efficient

  • Pay 940-941's
  • Handle W-2 filing and mail outs
  • Handle employee garnishments; Data entry
  • Offer direct deposits
  • Provide certified payroll; Job cost spread sheets

Workers Compensation: Secure your rates for years to come

  • No 25% down payments
  • No end of year audits
  • $1,000,000 in coverage per employee
  • Increased limits with waiver of subrogation
  • Provide workers compensation certificates per job
  • Safety consulting and safety handbook updates
  • No monthly invoicing (pay as you go)

Employee Benefits/ 401K Retirement Plans: Join existing group

  • Offer section 125 cafeteria plan. Pay medical on pretax basis
  • Group major medical, dental, vision, supplemental and life insurance
  • IRA's and 401K plans
  • Flex spending accounts

Human Resources: Have instant access to full HR service

  • Provide mandatory state and federal posters
  • Keep you abreast of any new state and federal laws
  • Update your employee handbooks
  • Drug testing and Pre-Employment screening
Lets start improving your bottom line today!
As the cost and liability increases in running a business, you need additional tools to maintain control and alleviate cost. R & P Employer Solutions, Inc. will answer your questions and offer you solutions.

  • 1 in 3 companies pay tax filing penalties
  • The majority of small busineeses are improperly filing 1099’s leading costly audits and fines
  • Small businesses pay 80% more per employee for benefits than larger businesses
  • Small companies struggle to manage and pay medical benefit costs, unemployment taxes, workers compensation...
Workers Comp
Group/ Medical